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Robert Twycross, PCF Editor-in-Chief retires after 20 years

1st January 2018

Dr Robert Twycross (MA, DM Oxon, FRCP, FRCR) has retired as joint Editor-in-Chief of the Palliative Care Formulary following the publication of the sixth edition (PCF6).

With Andrew Wilcock, and also more recently Paul Howard, he has been a co-author or Editor-in-Chief for 20 years. This has seen PCF change from the 250 page first edition (1998), to the 890 page sixth edition (2017). 

Over this time, global sales have exceeded well over 100,000; and American, Canadian, German, Italian and Japanese versions have been produced. In the UK, PCF has become a core text for the specialty of Palliative Medicine. 

With Andrew Wilcock, he founded Limited in 2000. This provided on-line access to PCF, for many years as a free resource. Membership has grown to over 37,000 members from 153 countries and provides a unique global community for the advancement of palliative care. 

In addition, he continued to co-author other core text books: Introducing Palliative Care (5th edition 2016) and Symptom Management in Advanced Cancer (now out of print), also published by Ltd. 

Throughout this time he has travelled extensively, teaching in many countries, including Argentina, China, Hungary, India, Poland, and Russia.

We are honoured to have worked alongside such an inspirational and influential pioneer in the development of palliative care, and thank him wholeheartedly for his commitment, support and guidance. We will formally mark his retirement in January 2018 and if you would like to share any anecdotes or convey your wishes to Robert, please complete our survey on the home page.

With warmest wishes for your retirement, Robert, from all of us at