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NPSA - Safer spinal (intrathecal), epidural and regional devices

1st March 2011

The UK National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has issued a two-part patient safety alert update which supersedes NPSA/2009/PSA004A issued in November 2009 (see our news item 25-11-2009).

Part A of the alert extends the original implementation date from 1st April 2011 to the 1st April 2012, to allow organisations time to review and evaluate the range of new devices available and introduce them into clinical practice. Part B of the alert remains unchanged.

In summary:

Part A requires that by 1st April 2012 all spinal (intrathecal) bolus doses and lumbar puncture samples are performed using syringes, needles and other devices with connectors that cannot also connect with intravenous equipment.

Part B requires that by 1st April 2013 all epidural, spinal (intrathecal) and regional anaesthesia infusions and bolus doses should be performed with devices with connectors that will not also connect with intravenous equipment.

For more information see the link below.

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