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Diamorphine 5mg and 10mg injection shortage

23rd May 2018

Accord Pharmaceuticals has manufacturing difficulties with 5mg and 10mg diamorphine injection. The other UK supplier (Wockhardt) only has a small stock and is not expected to be able to keep up with the extra demand. It is expected that further supplies will be available from the 28 June 2018.

Diamorphine 30mg, 100mg and 500mg are not affected.

NHS organisations are strongly requested to order as normal and not to stockpile, as this will exacerbate the situation.

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Website privacy policy and terms and conditions updated

23rd May 2018

Due to the upcoming change in EU data protection law, we have updated the terms and conditions and privacy policy on our website. These can be found via the links at the bottom of every page and we ask that you take a moment to read them. You can view and update your personal information at any time by logging on to the website and clicking on the preferences button. Here, you can also amend opting in or out to receiving e-mails from us, in line with the terms and conditions of use of the website.

Privacy policy (updated May 2018)

Terms and conditions (updated May 2018)

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Palliative care included in updated standards for HIV

8th May 2018

The British HIV association has recently updated its standards of care for people living with HIV to include palliative care.

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