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Retirement lunch for Robert Twycross

14th February 2018

Following the announcement of his retirement as joint Editor-in-Chief of the Palliative Care Formulary, (see our news item), a retirement luch was held for Robert Twycross. A personalized leather-bound copy of PCF6 and IPC5 were presented, along with an engraved pen set and words of appreciation/anecdotes provided by members of Photographs were taken to mark the occasion. In the picture below, from left to right are:

Back row: Dr Claire Stark-Toller (PCF6 Editor), Dr Andrew Wilcock (PCF6 Editor-in-Chief), Dr Robert Twycross (PCF6 Editor-in-Chief), Dr Paul Howard (PCF6 Editor-in-Chief), Sarah Charlesworth (PCF6 Senior Editor)

Front row: Sarah Keeling (Production editor), Karen Isaac (Secretary), Julie Mortimer (PCF6 Associate Editor).

Retirement lunch photograph